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So what is it?
Its a mirror, its a sexy, unique, fully portable photo booth, that does more than just take pretty pictures. Show your charming moment in the mirror, picture your happiest memories. 

Q:Who are we?
A:Shenzhen Eagle Technology Co., Ltd  is a professional digital manufacturer and exporter that is concerned with its own design and patent of mirror photo booth, Selfie mirror, events photo booth, magic mirror, Digital signage, touch table, etc.

Covering an area of 20000 square meters, we have over 170 employees, which includes a powerful energetic team with 24hours professional customerssupporters and engineers that have over than ten yearsexperience in this area.

All products passed TUV international quality standards, include CE, RoHS, FCC. 

Q:where is it?
A:Suitable everywhere: Event entertainment, From weddings to Christmas Parties, Perfect for rental opportunities at luxurious occasions including Weddings, Proms, Birthdays and events. Etc.

The beauty of the mirror photo booth is its portability and ability to travel on the cheap. Whether it’s by car, elevator.

Q:Why use it?
A:Mirror photo booth is loads of fun and extremely addictive for those who stand in front of it. Have a look see yourself in the mirror. The mirror is able to release those shy, enjoy to share your beauty, drawn and offers an ideal stage for the “look at me, aren’t I gorgeous crowd.

Q:Not just pretty pictures?
A:Mirror Photo Booth can also brand the shots as they appear on the mirror through inside LCD monitor, post them on a customised gallery. Then you edit: sign, mark, drawing, words, date, etc.  collect the valuable data of all subscribers to your gallery, via mirror touch screen, supply a range of print or upload to your social media share with amazing images.

There is so much more than meets the eye and what meets the eye is pretty nice....Eagle Mirror Photo Booth Picture Your Happiest Memories.